Singapore EntrePass Scheme


The Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) scheme was launched in 2004 to lure foreign entrepreneurs with innovative business proposals. It is part of Singapore’s overall plan to become a regional business hub and attract the best business and entrepreneurial minds to the country. The terms “EntrePass” and “Entrepreneurs Visa” both refer to the Entrepreneur Pass scheme and are used interchangeably in this guide.

The EntrePass scheme is designed for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a business and relocate to Singapore.

An application for EntrePass can be made before incorporating the Singapore company, and you would not be required to incur incorporation expenses until the outcome of the EntrePass is known. Once the pass is approved, you will generally be given 30 days to incorporate the proposed company and inject the necessary share capital.

The EntrePass allows you to bring your family (spouse and unmarried children under 21) to Singapore by applying for their Dependant’s Passes. EntrePass holders are eligible to apply for Singapore permanent residence in due course.

From EntrePass to Permanent Residence

EntrePass holders are eligible to apply for permanent residence in due course, which is subject to approval by the Singapore immigration authority. When you file your PR application, you should demonstrate that you are running a viable and innovative business, and that you will not become a financial burden on Singapore.