Business plan for EntrePass

Business Plan for EntrePass

Along with your EntrePass application form, you will need to furnish a comprehensive yet concise business plan of about 10 pages in a prescribed format as below:

  • Business Idea: a short, self-explanatory summary covering your proposed business concept.
  • Product/Service: details of product(s) and service(s) you are offering.
  • Market Analysis: analysis of your industry potential in Singapore, target customers, key competitors, and potential for growth
  • Marketing Plan: description of how the product/service will be marketed or distributed.
  • Operational Plan: the operational plan description deals specifically with the internal operations and resources necessary to produce your product or service.
  • Management Team: summary of key management individuals who will run the business along with their roles.
  • Financial Projections: projected sales and net profit before tax for three years and the estimated break even point.

It’s useful to note that the EntrePass business plan is usually not the same as you would prepare when planning to raise, for example, venture funding for the business. Instead, it’s a simplified version and often the complexity will depend on the nature and size of the business you are planning to start. Still, preparing a good business plan might take considerable amount of your time and writing might not be your forte. When you engage our EntrePass application filing service, we will draft the business plan based on the information gathered from you.