Canada Immigration

Express Entry

Perhaps one of the most talked about Immigration program currently, express entry to Canada started in 2015 and has been the fastest, quickest and most apt program for anyone who is willing immigrate to Canada.

In the past two years, thousands of Immigrants like yourself has achieved permanent residency by applying into the pool of applicants with right score. With our help, you can achieve the right scores needed for you to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker from Bangladesh, Thailand or even Singapore. If your application is accepted through email, you will get an Ontario Provincial Nominee Program certificate and nomination approval letter.

For the past few months, we are noticing a steady decline in the CRS score, and perhaps due to the new system that reduced in-shore application points with job offers. Immigration lawyers around the globe are predicting further decline in the score, which means this might be the best time to apply for Express Entry.

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