Quebec Skilled Worker Program


Quebec is the largest province by area in Canada and one of the top provinces which have highest employment rate. Being the only province where IELTS is not mandatory and having a low cost of living, it is a choice of destination for a lot of immigrants every year.

Quebec has the exclusive responsibility of choosing its own immigrants and has different immigration policies. It is going to take 40,000 new permanent residents this year. Do you want to be one of them? With the lowest point requirement you can be eligible for this program.

It has 2 immigration streams for the skilled workers-

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Quebec Experience Class

Quebec is now using Arrima portal to select skilled workers who can contribute to the growing economy of that province. And the processing time will eventually reduce to six months. Since the application process becomes more immigrant-friendly, more families around the world are applying for Quebec. You too can be one of the proud PR holders of Canada through this program

How does Arrima Portal work?

Anyone wishing to immigrate to Québec under the Regular Skilled Worker Program must go through Arrima.

The Arrima immigration application management system is based on an expression of interest and follows a three-step process:

  1. First, you must complete an expression of interest form online. You will need to enter certain information, such as your education, language skills, and work experience.
  2. The Ministère reviews the bank of expressions of interest and issues invitations to applicants who meet certain criteria, based on labour market needs in the different regions of Québec. Those individuals can submit a permanent selection application (official immigration application) and pay the associated fees.
  3. Applications will be evaluated using the selection grid in effect.

Selection factors and criteria

Selection is made on the basis of a selection grid, with points awarded on the basis of various selection factors and criteria. The assessment of your application will determine whether you obtain a sufficient number of points to be selected by Québec. The Summary grid of factors and criteria used to select skilled workers presents the selection factors and criteria, but also the weighting and the passing scores that apply to skilled workers, as stipulated in Québec Immigration Regulation and the Regulation respecting the weighting applicable to the selection of foreign nationals.

Please note that under section 114 of the Québec Immigration Regulation  (Order in Council 963-2018), applications for selection certificates filed under the Regular Skilled Worker Program before August 2, 2018, will continue to be processed according to the provisions of the  Regulation respecting foreign nationals and the Regulation respecting the weighting applicable to the selection of foreign nationals, as it read on August p1, 2018. Applications filed before August 2, 2018, are therefore processed using the selection grid in effect on August 1, 2018

Selection factors in the point grid

The selection factors and criteria are designed to assess your social and professional profile (as well as your spouse’s, if applicable) and help determine your potential for integrating into the Québec labour market and Québec society? The factors and criteria considered are:

  • Your training (level of education and area of training). Please note that since December 31, 2015, only diplomas obtained before the submission of your application are considered in the attribution of points for the Education Level criterion;
  • Your work experience
  • Your age
  • Your knowledge of French and English
  • Your stays in Québec and family relationship with a Canadian citizen or a permanent Québec resident
  • Having an employment offer validated by the Ministère. See the section International recruitment – Hiring a permanent foreign worker
  • Characteristics of your accompanying spouse or de facto spouse, if applicable
  • Other factors, incuding the number of children under the age of 22 who will be accompanying you to Québec
  • Your capacity for financial self-sufficiency (you must sign a contract in which you undertake to provide for your needs and your family’s needs for at least the first three months following your arrival in Québec).