We do not believe in "usual" interviews. We do not care about your education either - it really boils down to whether you can do the work or not. We at Global Immigration Consultants value you, not paper.

So, here's what you do. We will give you a creative. Go through it, and send us your work. If we like it, you're in!

Be Creative

We believe in extra!

We give extra points to you if you think outside of the box. Break the box, think there's none. In fact, make it a circle and blow it out.

Do your homework

Please do not submit your work without going through our current facebook page/website/theme. is your guideline to design. Make it your own.

Understand our current theme

We set ourselves apart by ensuring our brand seeps through all our work. Study it, own it.

We are proud of what we do. If you do not do something related, make sure it's better than ours.

28th April, 11:59 PM

The deadline of submitting the concept below is 22nd November. We will not accept any after that. Oh and of course, we are extremely anal about time.

See the creative !

Your Project to apply

1. Create a Graphics of Presenting immigration in a different way. (1000px X 1000px)

2. Write a Content on - Dream of better living (150 words)

4. Come up with a slogan

5. Extra points for 10 second video

6. Send your Portfolio with CV

The above should be completed, and emailed to within the period mentioned.


We look forward to getting your work.

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