Our Vision

At Global Immigration Consultants Limited, our vision extends beyond standard consultancy. For years, we’ve been the force behind over 96,000 dreams turning into reality. As we continue this legacy, our goal is to simplify and demystify the immigration process for thousands more. Every client represents a dream, an aspiration, and a future we’re committed to nurturing. By seeking excellence in every interaction and building trust every step of the way, we envision ourselves not just as consultants, but as lifelong companions in your journey. We’re here to support, guide, and stand by you, ensuring that every new beginning in a foreign land feels like home

Our Mission

At Global Immigration Consultants Limited, our primary mission is to serve as your beacon during your transformative journey to Canada, Australia, or the UAE. With a decade of industry expertise, we simplify intricate immigration procedures. Our diverse team of seasoned lawyers from varied backgrounds is deeply committed to the success of your application. We pledge to deliver timely, clear, and reliable services, uniquely tailored to your needs. With each step, a dedicated expert will provide invaluable guidance. More than just ensuring successful applications, our goal is to nurture enduring bonds. As a testament to this, our connection endures even after your smooth transition to your new residence.

team GIC

global lawyers

Ali Shahin Mohamed


Ali Shahin Mohamed is a renowned lawyer, specializing in UAE immigration and visa applications, assisting clients with precision and expertise

Anil Keshary


Anil Keshary is a proficient lawyer, expertly handling Australian immigration and visa applications with dedicated professionalism

Binfeg Zhang


Binfeng Zhang is a distinguished lawyer, expertly navigating Australian immigration and visa applications for the global clientele

External Team

Antonin Favreau

External Lawyer

Antonin Favreau is a seasoned lawyer specializing in Canadian immigration and visa applications, providing expert guidance to aspirants worldwide.

GIC Dhaka



GIC Provides The Most Client-Friendly Service. The Way GIC Is Handling Every Client Is Very Professional. We Are Giving Accurate Information To Our Clients So That They Can Have A Smooth Journey Toward Their Immigration Process. We Are Providing One-To-One Consultancy To Our Clients, Also We Give All Updates To Our Clients Regarding Their Immigration Process.